ES-iAN B1205

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B1205 is a cost effective & versatile Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) and Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) optimal solution from ESPOD that provides a unique set of capabilities enabling service providers to deliver the most competitive triple play service offerings. It enables service providers to smoothly migrate to IP based next-generation applications while continuing to offer traditional TDM based services to customers. The B1205 supports a range of technologies such as POTS, ADSL2/ADSL2+, VDSL2 as well as xPON, which allows the service providers to offer highly interactive and bandwidth intensive applications. B1205 acts as a traditional TDM based DLC, IPDSLAM, Media Gateway and FTTx PON platform rolled into one.

  • Suitable for FTTC, FTTN, and FTTB applications
  • Compact  5U ESTI Depth Compliant chassis
  • Modular architecture:  64 to 320 ports per node
  • Versatile customer Interfaces –  ADSL2+, VDSL2,  POTS
  • Transport/Trunk: GE, EPON, E1
  • E1 based network interface for TDM transport.
  • GE, EPON/GPON network interface for IP transport
  • Over 30 Mbps capacity per DSL subscriber
  • VoIP services using IP based voice protocols – H.248/MEGACO and SIP
  • VoIP support for basic service, Supplementary service and Centrex service based on Soft Switch platform. Compatible with most of the Soft Switch in the market
  • Redundant Control, Switching & Power Modules with Hot redundancy
  • Outdoor cabinet