FTTH 2 Core Indoor G.657A2 with FRP

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شناسه محصول: ES-FTTH-2Core دسته:

Fiber-to-the-home broadband connections promise the next generation in connectivity to consumers

Technical Parameters:

Cable Count Out sheath
Weight Minimum allowable Tensile Strength
minimum allowable Crush Load
Minimum Bending Radius
(MM) (KG) short term long term short term long term short term long term (℃)
2 3.1*2.0 8 600 200 1000 300 20D 10D 40


Optical Characteristics: 
Fiber Sort Multimode G.651 A1a:50/125 Graded-index fiber
Singlemode G.652(A、B、C) B1.1:Conventional fiber
G.652D B2: Zero  dispersion shifted
G.655 B1.2 :Cut-off wavelength shifted
G.657(A1、A2 、B3) B4: Main technical data for positive
dispersion shifted single-mode fiber